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The VAN RUTH® BULL NOSE PLUG (BNP) is used for bypassing wedges, caves or loose casing in drill holes while running in rods. It is secured in the rod by a simple rolling o'ring locking mechanism. The BNP may also be used as a float shoe for longer casing or rod strings.

The BNP is pushed into the foot rod and the plug's rolling o'ring lock will maintain it's posiiton. Clean the end of the rod or casing so it is free from grease and scale. Lubricate the o'rings on the plug and inside of the rod or casing with water to help insert the BNP untill it is fully seated.

If the BNP is required to be pumped from the rod string bleed air from rods or casing before doing so.

See also: Float Shoes and Collars

Construction: Drillable aluminium and rubber, Also available in non spark material illustrated
above in black. Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) available upon request.

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