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The VAN RUTH® MECHANICAL HAND SET PACKER (HSP) is a re-usable mechanical type packer used for grouting and permeability testing. The packer is set and held in the drill hole by the force of the packing segment against the drill hole wall.

The HSP is inserted directly into the drill hole near the surface, the setting depth is approximately 1 meter.

This packer relies on the operator to ensure adequate tightening of the packer in the hole. A grouting safety bracket is recommended to be secured to the face to prevent slippage. The grout pump is connected by either a 3/4", 1" or 2" BSP socket depending on packer size. The HSP comes with a grease nipple to lubricate thread and larger sizes have a thrust bearing to ensure consistant reliability and ease of use.

Hand Set Packers are available to suit hole sizes 46mm up to 152mm

Construction: Steel, brass, aluminium and urethane.