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The VAN RUTH® SUB SET CEMENTING AND WEDGING BOTTOM PACKER (CWBP SS) are designed for use in the same situations as the CWBP but where the packer cannot be pumped down the rod string, for example where non wire line, mismatching rod and hole sizes or internally upset rods are being used.

The CWBP SS is placed by assembling the packer in a rod joint between two lengths of appropriate drill rod. These two rod lengths with the packer installed are then subbed to the non standard rods and inserted into the drill hole and lowered to the required depth. The setting process is the same as the CWBP from this point.

Assembly of the packer into the rod joint is as follows: A re-usable adaptor pictured above is assembled onto the packer and shear pins inserted. The adaptor has a flange that will seat in a rod or casing joint. This assembly is then inserted into a length of rod or casing, subbed to the main rods and lowered into the drill hole. Once at the required depth and upon pumping, pressure will shear the pins releasing the packer from the adaptor and allow it to be pumped from the rods and set as a standard CWBP. Once set, the CWBP SS may be drilled out if required. The CWBP SS supplied with extra shear pins. Usually only one re-usable adaptor is ordered per rig or site.

**Do not lower the rod string back down on the packer in either as this will damage the packer and/or become stuck in the rods and pulled up hole**

Construction: Drillable aluminium, steel and urethane. Also available in non spark materials as illustrated in black. Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) available upon request.